Our Story


The name Drosselmeyer originates from our first product the nutcracker. Drosselmeyer is a character in the Nutcracker Opera.

Our products are inventions based on already existing products but with an improved functionality. For all the products Erik von Schoultz identified a problem, a challenge and a solution.

orb candle holder

The idea came to me when I noticed that placing a candle in a wine bottle enabled the candle to burn down completely. It’s a bit messy though, and not necessarily aesthetically pleasing. So I set myself the challenge of creating a candle holder that allows candles to burn as efficiently as possible, with channels that improve combustion. The holder is also designed to be as stable as possible, and accepts both candle sticks and tea lights. Candles can be consumed completely, no wax is spilled and there is no need to clean the holder.

Material: Solid cast iron
Color: Cast iron
Measurements: H 8cm B 8cm
How to use: Link to video
Price: 295 sek

tea infuser

0385Statistically speaking, if you’re not drinking water you’re probably drinking tea – so making it shouldn’t be a chore. The challenge was to invent a tea infuser that was just as easy to clean as it is to fill. My infuser also needed to work with all different kinds of tea – even the ones with really fine leaves that usually slip through the gaps. And after you’ve used it to make a lovely cup of tea, the infuser can be placed on the table without making a mess.

Material: Stainless steel and black polycarbonate spoon.
Color: Black with silver lid
Measurements: H 15cm B 3cm
How to use: Link to video
Price: 150 sek


0375Nuts make for a tasty, healthy snack, but they can be tough to crack. The challenge was to invent a nutcracker that does the hard work for you and collects the shells. It had to be able to crack any nut, be really easy to squeeze without any risk of pinching your fingers, and not send the shells flying all over the place. I tried all kinds of designs, but a double lever action integrated with a conical tube turned out to be the best solution. It took a while to get it right, but that's okay because it's designed to last forever.

Material: Precision die-casted zinc
Color: Red, Charcoal and Grey
Measurements: H 11cm B 5cm
How to use: Link to video
Price: 390 sek

ice tray

0406Drinks should either be piping hot or ice cold – not somewhere in-between. In summertime, that means you will be using your ice tray every day – so it needs to do its job efficiently. The challenge was to design a tray that allows ice cubes to pop out really easily, either individually or altogether as you prefer. In the end the best solution was a large trumpet-shaped cavity with a matt finish that makes cold drinks as easy as can be.

Material: Food safe polypropylene
Color: Black, white and lime
Measurements: H 21cm W 11cm
How to use:  Link to video
Price: 200 sek

shelllfish cracker

0401The challenge was to create a shellfish cracker that could crack the hardest shell with the least effort and never sprayed juices. I tried all kinds of approaches but the perfect solution turned out to be a double lever movement that gave the squeeze super strength. Eventually I invented the Drosselmeyer Shellfish Cracker, beautiful, clean and efficient.

Material: Stainless spring steel
Color: Silver
Measurements:  H 17cm B 8cm
How to use: Link to video
Price: 460 sek



The challenge was to create a key ring that made it easy to get keys on and off without breaking your nails.

I realised that the solution was to use a pushing mechanism instead of pulling. The secret was in the angle of the wave in the stainless steel ring. The leverage created by this "bump" made adding and removing keys very easy.

After hand-making hundreds of prototypes I eventually came up with the perfect design and the FreeKey was born.

Material: Stainless spring steel
Color: Silver
How to use: Link to video
Price: 50 sek